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Jensen Ackles RPH plot Bunny

 For anyone who doesn't know RPF RPS and RPH stand for real person fiction, real person slash, and real person het. These are fictional stories about the real actors who portray the character on Supernatural but I sorta stumbled across this kind of fiction and now I'm hooked so here are a few plot bunnies I've had for this genre.

1. Jensen has finally meet the woman of his dreams they marry and soon decide to buy a house and start a family but what happens when his new home turns out to be something straight out of an episode of Supernatural.  So in this fic you get to write about what you think Jensen would do if faced with real life supernatural forces.  Be sure to include the reactions of the people in his life Kripke, Jared and the rest of his friends and family. 

This plot bunny came from a conversation I had with a friend about what would happen if we ever got to meet Jensen or Jared  I have a five year old daughter who LOVES  the character of Dean Winchester. So I told my friend that my daughter would probably go jr. fangirl on him and like run up and latch onto his leg or something.  I could just see her running up to him yelling "Momma it's Dean" we had a good laugh about what he would do if he were jumped by a five year old fangirl. So this ended up giving me a plot bunny.

                                            His Littlest Fan

Your  main character is at a fandom convention babysitting her niece and nephew while her sister fawns over the stars. She decides to take her 5 year old niece and 18 month old nephew to the McDonalds across the street but just as she's getting of the elevator one of the wheels falls off the baby's stroller and her niece takes of running before she knows what happened her niece is latched onto Jensen Ackles leg and Jared Padalecki is trying to fix her nephews stroller after the crazy chance meeting Jensen asks if he can join her for lunch and soon the two find themselves falling for each other. But the main character let's just call her Anne since mary Sue is such a mean name well anyways Anne sister is quite jealous  and causes trouble for the new couple from there I have no idea where this is going it's just a first chapter idea I have that I just can't seem to finish.         
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