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Supernatural Fanfic Challenges and Plot Bunnies' Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in Supernatural Fanfic Challenges and Plot Bunnies' LiveJournal:

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
8:34 pm
Vitamin Drunk Challenge
I'm new in this, so I hope I'm doing it right.
Challenge: Dean can't get drunk anymore... O.O
Rewatching "Party On, Garth" i was once more amused and awestruck when the boys try to get drunk to see this japanese ghost, and Dean has to find some almost pure and awfully strong alcohol to get "a little drunk" as he puts it, while Sam just had to drink off some whiskey and he tells Dean it must be "like drinking vitamins for you, right?" (Dean: "shut up"). And then while fighting the ghost with the blessed katana, he can't see it even though he kept drinking from Bobby's flask almost nonstop.
I was trying to find a fic that explores this "condition", but I couldn't find any.
So here's the request: why Dean can't get drunk as easily, how did he came to this?
maybe hurt/comfort. featuring some brotherhood, Or maybe a tag to the episode.
Just wondering.. maybe I won't get my wish, but I hope I do. XP

Thanks all of you awesome fanfic writers!

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
2:57 am
hi, i'm new, so i hope i'm doing it right.
i'm looking for a specific fiction that i can't remember the names:
- dean and sam had sort of a fight in a hotel room, and sam went out. when he came back dean had/was having a seizure on the floor. i remenber that deean hit some forniture and break his pink.
Saturday, July 13th, 2013
6:55 pm
looking for a specific fiction
Originally posted by 9o8i7u6y at looking for a specific fiction
hello, i'm looking for a specific fiction, when sam is sick, he has night sweating, and he goes to the doctor and do some tests for cancer, and he tells dean, and dean is super worried, and they do to the doctor together to see the results and when the doctor says its not cancer dean walk out of the room and collapses with relieve, and sam hold him and tell him to breathe and let it go and he's ok.....
Thursday, December 13th, 2007
12:44 am
Thanks for the previous post I enjoyed several of the stories.

Now getting down to business I have a  request and a few new plot bunnies. But first for the request I suck at designing webpages and banners but I would love to add some nice graphics to the page anyone interested in helping can just leave a post and I'll get back to you.

Now for the plot bunnies

1. The Hunter's Guide to Surviving a Horror Movie
Sam and Dean come down with a nasty case of the flu and are stuck together in their motel room for several days while getting over it. To pass the time they watch tv and run across a station doing a horror movie marathon. Soon the brothers start joking about everything Hollywood got wrong, and start making a list that soon turns into something akin to the list of ways to survive a horror movie like the one mentioned in the movie Scream only one from the point of view of hunters who have actually encountered the supernatural.

2. Mary Did You Know
While eating at a dinner during the Christmas season Sam hears the song Mary Did You Know on the radio and starts to think about his own mother did she know about the demons plans for him? Did she make a deal with Azazel? Did Mary Winchester know that according to the demons her baby boy was destined to become the antichrist. 

3. It's Christmas time and all Jared and Jensen want to do is get home for the holidays but a sudden blizzard forces their flight to land halfway to Texas. Determined to get home they embark on a crazy adventure to make it home for Christmas but the weather, some crazed fans and everything in general seem to be conspiring against them. This is supposed to be a humor fic so think along the lines of the movie Planes,Trains and Automobiles.

4. And A Happy New Year
The holidays are always crazy this truth holds true even in the Ackles or Padalecki family so when whichever you choose Jared or Jensen brings home his girlfriend for Christmas and his little sister brings home her best friend from college the last thing Jared or Jensen was expecting was to have a huge fight with his girlfriend break up with her and to go out drinking on New Years Eve and to wake up on New Years to find that he slept with his sister's best friend. With this kind of start it's hard to tell what the new year will bring but sometimes the best of things have the strangest beginings. 

5. The Fans Must Be Crazy
In their spare time Jensen and Jared decide to check out some of thier fansites. Write a fictional account of their reactions to some of the um more er graphic, ex-rated or just plane creepy websites they run across.
Sunday, December 9th, 2007
7:41 pm
Some Bunnies....
Here are some of my favorites. Although created with NC17slash in mind, I am flexible with the genre/rating. Gen is okay with me. And if I did the bunny as First Time, you can adapt it to an ER, altho some are specifically for First Time (an example would be Blind Date. They could not be in an ER and go on a blind date LOL). And although some have been used, I would like to read other's adaptions as well. After all, we are all here to write....


Monday, September 24th, 2007
2:34 pm
Jensen Ackles RPH plot Bunny
 For anyone who doesn't know RPF RPS and RPH stand for real person fiction, real person slash, and real person het. These are fictional stories about the real actors who portray the character on Supernatural but I sorta stumbled across this kind of fiction and now I'm hooked so here are a few plot bunnies I've had for this genre.

1. Jensen has finally meet the woman of his dreams they marry and soon decide to buy a house and start a family but what happens when his new home turns out to be something straight out of an episode of Supernatural.  So in this fic you get to write about what you think Jensen would do if faced with real life supernatural forces.  Be sure to include the reactions of the people in his life Kripke, Jared and the rest of his friends and family. 

This plot bunny came from a conversation I had with a friend about what would happen if we ever got to meet Jensen or Jared  I have a five year old daughter who LOVES  the character of Dean Winchester. So I told my friend that my daughter would probably go jr. fangirl on him and like run up and latch onto his leg or something.  I could just see her running up to him yelling "Momma it's Dean" we had a good laugh about what he would do if he were jumped by a five year old fangirl. So this ended up giving me a plot bunny.

                                            His Littlest Fan

Your  main character is at a fandom convention babysitting her niece and nephew while her sister fawns over the stars. She decides to take her 5 year old niece and 18 month old nephew to the McDonalds across the street but just as she's getting of the elevator one of the wheels falls off the baby's stroller and her niece takes of running before she knows what happened her niece is latched onto Jensen Ackles leg and Jared Padalecki is trying to fix her nephews stroller after the crazy chance meeting Jensen asks if he can join her for lunch and soon the two find themselves falling for each other. But the main character let's just call her Anne since mary Sue is such a mean name well anyways Anne sister is quite jealous  and causes trouble for the new couple from there I have no idea where this is going it's just a first chapter idea I have that I just can't seem to finish.         
Thursday, September 20th, 2007
12:34 am
Wedding Fic

Ok this is a humor fic brought about by a friend and I brainstorming about what it would take to get Dean to marry so here's the odd plot bunny born of our discussion.  Dean's getting married and the story is told from Sam's point of view. The funny thing is the type of wedding Dean's having Dean really shouldn't have messed around with another hunter's daughter because now Dean has a baby on the way and a pissed off father of the bride who is standing behind him at the alter with a gun just to make sure he does the right thing. Sam's "heard" of shotgun weddings he just "never" thought he'd be the best man in one. So the plot bunny is tell the story of Dean's shotgun wedding from Sam's point of view.  

Sunday, August 12th, 2007
9:50 am
The Natural Disaster's Challenge
Ok so we know the boys travel alot, and at some point they had to have run into a natural disaster. So here the deal Sam and Dean are on a hunt when they get stuck in one of the following events.

1. hurricane
2. tornado
3. blizzard
4. ice storm
5. earthquake
6. volcanic eruption
7. mudslide
8. flood
9. avalanche
10 tsunami

Or as an alternative you could write about the boys being around when some other type of disaster happens like a terrorist attack or huge car accident building fire whatever just use your imagintion and remember we all love to see worried, hurt or protective Sam and Dean anyways have fun.  

9:27 am
The Mary Sue Challenge

Ok so I know a few of you are groaning right now but here me out we all know that when we first started writing all of us had at least on character who was a Mary Sue  thing is lately just about any original female character is labeled a Mary Sue and not all of them are bad even the ones who are a blatant self insert  by the auther the trick is knowing how to do it.  So here's the deal write a fic about the boys but add yourself, your family and your friends. Write about your hometown and a local ghost story or supernatural legend. You can change the names of yourself and your family and friends but leave everything else as it is  then write what you know and see if you can weave Sam and Dean into your life and not the other way around. The end result watch Mary Sue become a solid OFC.        

8:26 am
10 things I want to do before I die challenge
Dean only has 1 year left and he starts to think about all the things he's always wanted to do but has never had the chance to so he starts making a list. Sam finds the list and convinces Dean to try to do as many of them as possible before the year is up. So the challenge is make up 10 things Dean has always wanted to do and then write about what he and Sam do to make sure Dean gets to do all ten things on the list before his year runs out.  
Saturday, August 11th, 2007
10:37 pm
Another plot bunny
The events of  the season two finale told from Bobby's point of view but with an added twist Bobby has a daughter who Dean was dating at the time how does Bobby react when he finds out that Dean sold his sold to save Sam  and that he's going to be a grandpa and Dean is the father all in one day.  Will he kill Dean or try and help the young man who is like a son to him. And hopefully if he and Sam can find a way to get Dean out of his deal spare his daughter a broken heart. For inspiration imagine the scene between Bobby and Dean in the junkyard after Dean brings Sam back but imagine that Bobby had just learned that he was going to be a grandpa that morning and that Dean is the baby's father. A friend gave me this plot bunny so I told her I would post it for her.   
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
12:49 pm
The Harry Potter Plot Bunnies and Challenges

In celebration of the final book in the Harry Potter series coming out this week I have ten Hp/Supernatural crossover challenges.

1.I've seen plenty of Harry Potter/Supernatural crossovers pairing Hermione with either Sam or Dean but I want someone to write one using one of the other HP girls. Other than that anything goes.

2. Harry meets Sam and Dean and goes on a hunt with them.

3. John Winchester meets Mad Eye Moody.

4. Write the Winchesters into your version of Deathly Hallows.

5.What if Sam had meet Harry Potter at Stanford. Harry left the wizarding world after defeating Voldemort looking for a normal life and finds himself attending Stanford University and he meets a new student who is also running from his past.  They become friends and when Jess is killed by something supernatural  Harry Potter reveals his secrets and offers to help Sam and Dean find their dad and destroy the Yellow Eyed Demon.

6. What if one of Voldemort's most faithful servants escaped to America after the final battle. Ten years later a new dark lord is rising and the American Magical community calls on Harry Potter for help. Strange articles are appearing in newspapers people found dead with known cause of death. Sam and Dean think it sounds like their kind of thing. What happens when they meet England's most famous wizard.

7. In all his research about Voldemort, Dumbledore missed on thing the fire in the orphanage nursery when Tom Riddle was six months old. Could Voldemort have been the YED's first success the special child sent to destroy the wizarding world. To expose it to the muggle world and bring wizards into the coming war between demons and humankind. Are Trelawney's prophecies like Sam's visions are they being sent by the YED in an effort to destroy Harry Potter before he has the chance to defeat Voldemort and mess up the YED's carefully laid plans. 

8. John Winchester kept just one more secret from his sons one of them recieved a very strange letter inviting them to attend an American wizarding school but John freaked out threw the letter away and had one of his contacts help him bind his son's magic now years later the spell binding his powers is broken what happens when either Sam or Dean discover's he's a wizard.

9.What if there's more to Missouri Mosely than just being a psychic what if she's a witch what if she calls on a few of her friends in the wizarding world to come help when the demons are released from the hell gate. 

10. What if there was a reason Mary Winchester knew about demons and what if that wasn't the only secret she kept from John what if Mary had been a muggleborn witch.



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Monday, July 2nd, 2007
10:12 pm
Plot Bunny # 1
After Sam gets Dean out of his deal with the crossroads demon  Dean learns that cheating death and getting out of a deal with a demon has an unforeseen side effect. Three times the Winchesters changed fate and by saving Dean John and Sam saved the lives of people who had previously been destined to die without his help and caused the birth of someone who was never supposed to have lived yet little Katie Winchester was born a perfectly normal perfectly healthy baby and Dean became a dad. Everything would have been as close to perfect as it ever gets in the Winchesters lives but Gordon Walker broke out of prison and decided to pick up where he left off hunting pyschics but Sam Winchester in specific. But then Jo tells him about Dean's daughter and the unusual circumstances leading up to her birth and Gordon decides little Katie is even more dangerous and potentially evil than her uncle. Soon Gordon and several other likeminded  hunters are hunting Katie and Sam and Dean now have more than justs ghosts, monster and demons to protect her from. 
Saturday, June 30th, 2007
6:24 pm
Challenge # 4 The Firsts Challenge
The object of this challenge is to write a fic about any of the firsts in the list below  you can write about either Sam or Dean or the both of them

1. First night without Mary
2. First day of school
3. First time they shot a gun
4. First hunt
5. First excorcism
6. First crush
7. First date
8. First time they realized their lifestyle was very different from most peoples.
9. First kiss
10. First day of high school
11. First time a hunt landed them in a hospital.
12. First love
13. First driving lesson
14. First time they ever got drunk or tasted a beer
15. First time John left Dean and Sam alone together to go hunting.
16. First time they had sex
17. First evil SOB they ever killed
18. First fight with dad
19. First time they ever tried to cook.
20. First time they were unable to save an innocent. 
6:09 pm
Challenge # 3 The No Deal Challenge
In this challenge write a fic about what Dean would have done if the crossroads demon had refused to bring Sam back. The only rule is he can't just commit suicide. I want to explore the idea of Dean on his own in the world trying to reinvent himself and move on after losing his family.   
6:00 pm
Challenge # 2 The Skinny Dipping Challenge

The Skinny Dipping Challenge is your oppertunity to write about what all us fangirls would love to see the Sam and Dean in the buff. So write a story about the boys going swimming in the nude with or without a female friend. Have fun and try not to drool too much.   
5:42 pm
Challenge #1 The Thunderstorm Challenge
Ok so this is a brand new forum I started simply because I have plenty of idea's for fics but not much time to write them so I thought I would start a community where I would post them as challenges and plot bunnies. So to get things started here is the very first challenge

I have two versions of this challenge the G- PG rated challenge and the R-NC 17 rated challenge so I'll start of with the lower rated one first

Write a fic about the boys being caught out in a bad rainstorm with either each other or someone else anything goes it can be angst, humour, romance whatever. It can also be a one shot or a chapter fic just leave a link here when it's done.

The second version is purely romance so write a fic about either boy and a love interst getting romantic during a rainstorm.
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