gale_winchester (gale_winchester) wrote in tspnchallenge,

Challenge # 4 The Firsts Challenge

The object of this challenge is to write a fic about any of the firsts in the list below  you can write about either Sam or Dean or the both of them

1. First night without Mary
2. First day of school
3. First time they shot a gun
4. First hunt
5. First excorcism
6. First crush
7. First date
8. First time they realized their lifestyle was very different from most peoples.
9. First kiss
10. First day of high school
11. First time a hunt landed them in a hospital.
12. First love
13. First driving lesson
14. First time they ever got drunk or tasted a beer
15. First time John left Dean and Sam alone together to go hunting.
16. First time they had sex
17. First evil SOB they ever killed
18. First fight with dad
19. First time they ever tried to cook.
20. First time they were unable to save an innocent. 
Tags: dean winchester, fanfiction challenge, sam winchester, supernatural
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