gale_winchester (gale_winchester) wrote in tspnchallenge,

Plot Bunny # 1

After Sam gets Dean out of his deal with the crossroads demon  Dean learns that cheating death and getting out of a deal with a demon has an unforeseen side effect. Three times the Winchesters changed fate and by saving Dean John and Sam saved the lives of people who had previously been destined to die without his help and caused the birth of someone who was never supposed to have lived yet little Katie Winchester was born a perfectly normal perfectly healthy baby and Dean became a dad. Everything would have been as close to perfect as it ever gets in the Winchesters lives but Gordon Walker broke out of prison and decided to pick up where he left off hunting pyschics but Sam Winchester in specific. But then Jo tells him about Dean's daughter and the unusual circumstances leading up to her birth and Gordon decides little Katie is even more dangerous and potentially evil than her uncle. Soon Gordon and several other likeminded  hunters are hunting Katie and Sam and Dean now have more than justs ghosts, monster and demons to protect her from. 
Tags: dean winchester, fanfic, plot bunny, supernatural
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