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The Harry Potter Plot Bunnies and Challenges

In celebration of the final book in the Harry Potter series coming out this week I have ten Hp/Supernatural crossover challenges.

1.I've seen plenty of Harry Potter/Supernatural crossovers pairing Hermione with either Sam or Dean but I want someone to write one using one of the other HP girls. Other than that anything goes.

2. Harry meets Sam and Dean and goes on a hunt with them.

3. John Winchester meets Mad Eye Moody.

4. Write the Winchesters into your version of Deathly Hallows.

5.What if Sam had meet Harry Potter at Stanford. Harry left the wizarding world after defeating Voldemort looking for a normal life and finds himself attending Stanford University and he meets a new student who is also running from his past.  They become friends and when Jess is killed by something supernatural  Harry Potter reveals his secrets and offers to help Sam and Dean find their dad and destroy the Yellow Eyed Demon.

6. What if one of Voldemort's most faithful servants escaped to America after the final battle. Ten years later a new dark lord is rising and the American Magical community calls on Harry Potter for help. Strange articles are appearing in newspapers people found dead with known cause of death. Sam and Dean think it sounds like their kind of thing. What happens when they meet England's most famous wizard.

7. In all his research about Voldemort, Dumbledore missed on thing the fire in the orphanage nursery when Tom Riddle was six months old. Could Voldemort have been the YED's first success the special child sent to destroy the wizarding world. To expose it to the muggle world and bring wizards into the coming war between demons and humankind. Are Trelawney's prophecies like Sam's visions are they being sent by the YED in an effort to destroy Harry Potter before he has the chance to defeat Voldemort and mess up the YED's carefully laid plans. 

8. John Winchester kept just one more secret from his sons one of them recieved a very strange letter inviting them to attend an American wizarding school but John freaked out threw the letter away and had one of his contacts help him bind his son's magic now years later the spell binding his powers is broken what happens when either Sam or Dean discover's he's a wizard.

9.What if there's more to Missouri Mosely than just being a psychic what if she's a witch what if she calls on a few of her friends in the wizarding world to come help when the demons are released from the hell gate. 

10. What if there was a reason Mary Winchester knew about demons and what if that wasn't the only secret she kept from John what if Mary had been a muggleborn witch.



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