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Some Bunnies....

Here are some of my favorites. Although created with NC17slash in mind, I am flexible with the genre/rating. Gen is okay with me. And if I did the bunny as First Time, you can adapt it to an ER, altho some are specifically for First Time (an example would be Blind Date. They could not be in an ER and go on a blind date LOL). And although some have been used, I would like to read other's adaptions as well. After all, we are all here to write....


1040 (or Dean Winchester VS The IRS): First Time or ER, Humor - Dean has never filed his taxes (but Sam and John have) and now the IRS has caught up with him and threatens him with jail time. 1) Have Sam go over Dean's IRS returns and see just exactly what Dean deducts/itemizes on his 1040 form. 2) Dean has *never* filed a tax return and sits down with the auditor, explaining just exactly what it is he does for a living. Maybe a scene wherein the boys debate whether or not to save the IRS auditor from a demon.

This bunny has been taken up by:
Keikokin: (PG13/Slash)
1040 And features characters from another TV show, but I won't spoil it by telling.

The Adventures of Super Sam! and Dean, the Boy Blunder (aka Dean and Sam's first hunt): First Time or ER, Humor - Sam reminds Dean about their first hunt without Dad, something Dean would rather forget, when they were maybe twelve and eight. The basic premise is that John was injured and the boys had to finish ridding a house of a poltergeist so their father could earn the promised pay. The challenge title should explain how things play out for our youthful hunters.

Blind Date: First Time - Sam and Dean meet on a blind date. Either they've met on line in a chat room or they're been set up by friends. If you choose the latter, my idea is a Stanford friend of Sam's who, by coincidence, is marrying an old friend of Dean's and the two, after discussing their 'mutual friends,' decide Sam and Dean would be perfect for each other.

This bunny has been taken up by:
1) Calysta: (NC17/Slash) 
Blind Date 
2) Jeremy Denton: (PG13/Slash)  
Not So Blind Date 

Love Potion Number 17A: First Time, Humor, Virgin Dean/Top Sam - Dean pisses off a witch (a plot favorite of mine) and as revenge she casts a lust spell that makes everyone want him...really want him...'Fatal Attraction'-like - women and men. (I wouldn't mind some dark/warped humor such as one woman killing another to get Dean.) And the spell affects everyone BUT Sam, because he's the only one truly in love with Dean.

The Porno Movie: First Time - Sam or Dean are at a bachelor party when the proverbial porno flick is played or perhaps they rent a porn movie....and, well, one of the actors looks awfully familiar....

This bunny has been taken up by:
SupernaturalSlasher: (NC17/Slash) 
Like A Virgin

SlashFic: First Time or ER - Sam is a secret slash writer. Nuff said on this challenge/bunny LOL!

This bunny had been taken up by: 
Calysta: (NC17/Slash)  
Jeremy Denton: (PG13/Slash) Author, Author

That's it for now. I hope someone takes these up....

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