gale_winchester (gale_winchester) wrote in tspnchallenge,

Challenge #1 The Thunderstorm Challenge

Ok so this is a brand new forum I started simply because I have plenty of idea's for fics but not much time to write them so I thought I would start a community where I would post them as challenges and plot bunnies. So to get things started here is the very first challenge

I have two versions of this challenge the G- PG rated challenge and the R-NC 17 rated challenge so I'll start of with the lower rated one first

Write a fic about the boys being caught out in a bad rainstorm with either each other or someone else anything goes it can be angst, humour, romance whatever. It can also be a one shot or a chapter fic just leave a link here when it's done.

The second version is purely romance so write a fic about either boy and a love interst getting romantic during a rainstorm.
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