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Vitamin Drunk Challenge

I'm new in this, so I hope I'm doing it right.
Challenge: Dean can't get drunk anymore... O.O
Rewatching "Party On, Garth" i was once more amused and awestruck when the boys try to get drunk to see this japanese ghost, and Dean has to find some almost pure and awfully strong alcohol to get "a little drunk" as he puts it, while Sam just had to drink off some whiskey and he tells Dean it must be "like drinking vitamins for you, right?" (Dean: "shut up"). And then while fighting the ghost with the blessed katana, he can't see it even though he kept drinking from Bobby's flask almost nonstop.
I was trying to find a fic that explores this "condition", but I couldn't find any.
So here's the request: why Dean can't get drunk as easily, how did he came to this?
maybe hurt/comfort. featuring some brotherhood, Or maybe a tag to the episode.
Just wondering.. maybe I won't get my wish, but I hope I do. XP

Thanks all of you awesome fanfic writers!
Tags: dean, supernatural
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